Wine Storage

Storage at TCWC

We offer 180 days of free storage for all wines purchased from The Chicago Wine Company. Our facility is maintained at 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit year-round and this complimentary storage allows clients to avoid shipping during the peak summer and winter months that often bring extreme temperatures. TCWC can help arrange an efficient and cost-effective delivery to your area when the weather is suitable. For bottles or cases purchased on a pre-arrival basis, the 180-day storage does not begin until the wine arrives to our Chicago warehouse. You will be notified by email when your order is in-stock and will also receive an email each month when you have wines ready for shipment or still awaiting delivery to Chicago. Should you wish to store bottles or cases beyond the free 180-day period, we offer extended storage at $3.00 per case (or partial case) per month, which includes insurance and is billed quarterly. Prior to invoicing for any fees, we will remind you by email of your wines in storage.

Long Term Storage at Ardel Cellars

Our sister company, Ardel Cellars, is located within the same building as TCWC and offers climate-controlled wine lockers in a range of standard and customizable sizes. Ardel specializes in longer-term storage, logistics, and cellar management services designed to meet the needs of top collectors. This professional storage space is fully alarmed and equipped with both security cameras and motion sensors. Clients have walk-in access to their wines Monday through Friday and can also arrange for their wines to be shipped to Ardel and transferred to their lockers. Purchases from TCWC can similarly be transferred to Ardel lockers at no additional charge. Please visit or contact the team by phone (630-634-7022) or by email ( for more information about their full range of services.