Selling Wine


For over 40 years, The Chicago Wine Company has been among the most trusted fine wine retailers in the US. Our experienced team has been appraising collections and holding fine wine auctions since 1977 with an established client base in the Midwest and on both Coasts. We are particularly interested in wines from original cases but will gladly consider loose bottles and other highly rated portions of your collection. In addition to making sure you receive top dollar and maximize the return on your investment, selling your wine through TCWC has many benefits:  

24/7 online access to your collection once inventoried and entered into our system

By logging into the sales portal, you can follow the updated status of your inventory, view payment history, and track sales as they happen.

Transportation and logistics fully arranged by TCWC 

Your cellar can be collected by refrigerated truck, transported safely to TCWC, and then stored securely in our temperature-controlled warehouse so your bottles and cases maintain optimal conditions at all times. Our clients continue to buy from us with confidence because of the emphasis we place on bottle provenance and professional storage.

A passionate client, trade, and collector base that is actively seeking top wines 

While there is a natural ebb and flow to the fine wine market, TCWC will always have demand for classified growths from Bordeaux, Grand Cru and 1er Cru bottles from Burgundy, iconic bottles from Piedmont & Tuscany, blue chip vintages from the Northern and Southern Rhône, and Napa Valley benchmarks, single vineyards, and cult producers. 

A dedicated team that will market your wine effectively to find buyers

In addition to monthly online auctions and our retail site, we have multiple sales channels in the US and abroad that ensure your wines receive maximum exposure.


Please send a list of your inventory to Pete Duffy at and we will get back to you promptly with a proposal, including packing and transportation if needed.