About Us


Founded in 1974 as a bespoke retail operation with a select list of clients in the Midwest, The Chicago Wine Company (TCWC) has grown to become one of the most established and trusted fine wine merchants in the US.

Over the course of the last 40+ years, we’ve formed relationships with wholesalers, importers, wineries, collectors and other members of the trade that allow for unrivaled access to some of the finest wines in the world. Our retail site features thousands of professionally cellared bottles that span some of the most legendary vintages and include the most sought-after producers.

In the spring of 1977 we held our first live auction, giving TCWC the distinction of being only the second company to conduct wine auctions in the United States. Since then, we’ve held over 500 subsequent auctions and now offer online bidding and a dynamic mobile app (Apple and Android) that allows clients to take part in auctions from the comfort of their home or when connected to their smartphones. All bottles and cases that enter our auctions have been stored in professional-grade cellars, and longtime clients from Chicago to New York to Hong Kong trust TCWC to offer (and then deliver) the finest and rarest wines in outstanding conditions.

We know provenance and proper storage are paramount in our business. We make every effort to ensure the wines we source both domestically and internationally travel temperature-controlled every step of the way -- from their original locations all the way to our Chicago warehouse. Every purchase made through The Chicago Wine Company also receives free storage for 180 days so that clients can not only arrange an efficient delivery but also find an appropriate shipping window and weather conditions best suited to ship their wines. 

The Chicago Wine Company is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds who all share a singular passion for fine wine and the highest level of customer service. Our sales and support teams feature licensed auctioneers, certified sommeliers and wine buyers, and experienced professionals that have spent time working harvests and studying in some of the top vineyards in the US. We're proud to share our story at TCWC tastings, events, and dinners as well as in our day to day interactions with our loyal clients in Chicago and across the world.