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  • 2006 matthew d. taylor Pinot Noir Michaud Vineyard Monterey County (750ml)

2006 matthew d. taylor Pinot Noir Michaud Vineyard Monterey County (750ml)

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Initially hired as Assistant Winegrower for Araujo Estates celebrated Eisele Vineyard, Matt Taylor has since assumed the mantle of Winegrower, and finally also Winemaker for this prestigious estate. Since joining Araujo, Taylor has expanded his winemaking experience through harvest internships in Argentina and New Zealand, as well as return visits to top Bordeaux estates. Taylors earlier wine-trade experiences include a cellar stint for a Jerez sherry producer, Assistant Winemaker to Rod Berglund at Joseph Swan, and a harvest internship with the Seysses family of Domaine Dujac.

The Araujos profound respect for the cultivation of Eisele has been a perfect model for Taylor, compelling him to seek exclusively exceptional Pinot Noir sources for his own new label. This 2006 is at once the culmination of Taylors experiences and the commencement and realization of a lifes dream.

Chalone AVA
Although now an isolated environment at 1500-foot elevation, the Chalone appellation originated beneath the Pacific at the great rift from which the Hawaiian Islands emerge nearby rock formations known as the Pinnacles
are 30 million year-old volcanic remnants of the plate tectonics. Notably well-drained and mineral-rich, Chalones soils include ancient decomposed granite from the continental plate, and intermixed limestone and other calcium carbonate deposits of Pacific origin.

Matthew Taylor Pinot Noir Michaud Vineyard
For comparative reference, Matts 2006 Pinot Noir Michaud Vineyard was a blend of Chalone,Dijon, Pommard and Swan clones; total 2006 production was 150 cases.

Pinot is kind of my bloodline, and Bart Araujo got tired of hearing me talk about Pinot, so in 2006, he said, You know what, why dont you make some Pinot and I said that sounds great, but he said, Theres one condition: I want you to find the best Pinot vineyard in California that you can find. A few places jumped out at me, I really love Hirsch and I really love Savoy vineyards, and I really love the Sonoma Coast and Mendocino area. But I think what kept resonating with me was that I thought of Michael Michaud, and I love his Chardonnay. I felt like his Chardonnay was probably the most Burgundian Chardonnay in the United States. I visited him, and he had some Pinot that was coming into its seventh or eighth year, and I tasted a vertical with him, and saw the development, and decided this was the type of Pinot I wanted to make. Matt Taylor

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