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Considering Selling Wines

Considering selling your fine wine collection?

If so, please send us a list of your wines, indicating quantity of each wine and a brief description of how the wine has been stored.  You can e-mail the list to selling@tcwc.com or fax it to (630) 594-2978.  Please include your name, address and daytime telephone numbers.  If you have already received a proposal from another wine company, please send us a copy and we will make you a better offer.  Please note that we only accept consignments worth $2,500 or more.

Why sell through The Chicago Wine Company (TCWC)?

  • TCWC conducts at least one live fine wine auction every month, so vendors can have their wine collections offered sooner with us.  Our retail system is also an excellent option for maximizing value.

  • TCWC pays vendors for any tasting bottles that might be needed.

  • TCWC does not charge any lotting fees, any “buy-in” fees for wines that don’t reach the reserve, nor any insurance fees.  These three fees can be substantial.

  • TCWC can help arrange to have your wine picked up anywhere, and we can send packing material in advance.  We typically prefer to personally collect the wines.

  • Our Simon Lambert and Peter Duffy are fully licensed auctioneers.

If you have questions about the auction process and/or about our company, please call us at (630) 594-2972.