Terms and Conditions


All sales are made in Illinois and payment in full is due TCWC upon confirmation of orders.  Shipments will be sent only if payment for purchases and shipping is received prior to shipment or a valid credit card is to be used for payment.  All wines that are picked-up or delivered within the State of Illinois are subject to 8.00% Illinois Sales Tax.  Taxes in other states may also apply, please inquire prior to shipping.  Sales Tax due must be paid in full before any wines can be released. 


Please be advised that most states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to regulate the shipment into the state of wine and other alcoholic beverages purchased in another state.  Some statutes make such shipments a crime unless a permit or license is obtained. Many such laws, however, have various exceptions for wine purchased for personal consumption.  Since these laws may affect your purchase from The Chicago Wine Company (TCWC), we urge you to investigate your state's law on this subject before shipping or arranging to ship any wine purchased in Illinois from TCWC.  Buyers, and not TCWC, are the owners and shippers of all wine purchased in Illinois from TCWC.

Accordingly, if buyers wish to arrange delivery of their wines after purchase, they are responsible and bear all risks thereafter, including selecting a carrier and providing delivery instructions. 
TCWC is unable to assume any responsibility for assuring compliance with applicable laws, obtaining licenses or otherwise advising its valued customers on shipment laws.  You must be 21 years old or older to purchase wines from The Chicago Wine Company and a person 21 years or older must be present to sign for any package. While buyers are responsible for selecting a carrier to deliver their wine, TCWC is pleased to follow buyer's instructions in packing of the shipments, in helping arrange the collection of the wine by the carrier selected by the buyers, in collecting shipping and insurance charges from the buyers and transferring those payments to the carriers. However, the buyers, not TCWC, are the owners and shippers of record for their wine shipments.  Any claims for damage or loss in shipment are between the buyers and carriers.  TCWC is itself not responsible for any damage or loss in shipping.

Cancellation & Return Policy

There will be 10% cancellation fee enforced for any order cancelled by the customer within 30 days.  After 30 days, cancellations will not be accepted. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary or any disclaimer, TCWC agrees to refund the purchase price to the purchaser of any wine from TCWC that is not of the vintage or from the producer as was represented by TCWC, including but not limited to situations where the wine is counterfeit or has indicia that it is not authentic sufficient to make the value materially less than if such indicia were not present, provided that the purchaser directly purchased the wine from TCWC and returns such wine to TCWC.

Description Abbreviations

SLC : Slight label conditions [Minor cosmetic issues such as scuffs, smudges, minor tears, slightly bin-soiled, etc.]

VHS : Very high-shoulder fill.

HS : High-shoulder fill.

SPS : Signs of past seepage [Probably due to a weakening cork as opposed to bad storage or heat damage from shipping.  We do not accept wines that have been passively stored.]